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PUMA pre-season update 23.01.15

2:05pm  Jan 23, 2015

Schoey's Fan Day shout-out

2:16pm  Jan 22, 2015

Nic Nat drives diversity

11:59am  Jan 22, 2015

PUMA pre-season update 16.01.15

3:03pm  Jan 16, 2015


Early draft analysis

Callum Twomey looks at this year's draft and potential top picks

10:16am Jan 22, 2015


Kids in America

Callum Twomey wraps up the NAB Academy's US trip

2:50pm Jan 20, 2015


Tough start for top talent

There was no easing into the 10-day camp in Florida, writes Josh Dunkley

8:45am Jan 15, 2015


First years on fire

Adam Simpson says the newest Eagles are on track to play senior football in 2015

2:18pm Jan 13, 2015


Ball in AFL's court

AFLPA wants athletes to choose footy over other sports

11:04am Jan 12, 2015


In the deep end

West Coast has given its three AIS Academy players an authentic AFL experience

8:25am Jan 8, 2015


Raise the draft age?

Callum Twomey and Jennifer Phelan argue both sides

11:12am Jan 6, 2015


Academy players head to clubs

AFL Academy players will spend a week with AFL clubs before a trip to the US

11:54am Jan 5, 2015


Host families open hearts

Interstate Eagles are given a home away from home when they first arrive in Perth

9:24am Dec 28, 2014


Part of the nest

The families of West Coast's four Victorian recruits have been embraced by the club

3:22pm Dec 22, 2014


Draftees train

The new Eagles trained this morning under the watchful eyes of their parents

3:11pm Dec 5, 2014


Photos: Lucas has landed

How does new rookie Kane Lucas look in the blue and gold?

4:28pm Dec 4, 2014


Lucas: I'm better for it

New Eagle Kane Lucas says being delisted by Carlton has made him mentally strong

2:44pm Dec 4, 2014


Adamson adapts

Rookie-listed Corey Adamson says the transition from baseball to football has been a big adjustment

9:17am Dec 4, 2014


Lucas' flying start

Kane Lucas was on the training track with his fellow Eagles this morning

4:50pm Dec 3, 2014


Lifeline for Lucas

Ex-Blue Kane Lucas has been snared by West Coast in rookie draft

12:12pm Dec 3, 2014


Pick 45: Patrick Brophy

West Coast's final selection in the rookie draft is Irishman Paddy Brophy

11:18am Dec 3, 2014


Pick 28: Corey Adamson

Former baseball star Corey Adamson joins the club's rookie list

11:09am Dec 3, 2014


Pick 10: Kane Lucas

The Eagles throw Carlton's Kane Lucas a lifeline with their first pick in the rookie draft

11:05am Dec 3, 2014


Clubs after experience

Fewer than 30 untried youngsters likely to be taken in rookie draft

8:48am Dec 3, 2014


Victorian recruits unveiled

Damien Cavka is trying to shadow Matt Priddis and Scott Selwood without being too annoying

3:55pm Dec 2, 2014


Rookie draft order

Every pick in Wednesday's rookie draft

12:40pm Dec 2, 2014


Rookie ready

West Coast is busy preparing for Wednesday's rookie draft

8:09am Dec 2, 2014


Photos: Training update

How do the new recruits look in Eagles colours?

4:36pm Dec 1, 2014


School's in for draftees

West Coast's new recruits hit the track with great enthusiasm this morning

2:04pm Dec 1, 2014

Lucas press conference 04.12.14

11:54am  Dec 4, 2014

Cavka press conference 02.12.14

1:23pm  Dec 2, 2014

Nelson press conference 02.12.14

1:03pm  Dec 2, 2014

Lamb press conference 02.12.14

12:53pm  Dec 2, 2014

Duggan press conference 02.12.14

12:27pm  Dec 2, 2014

PUMA pre-season update 1.12.14

5:14pm  Dec 1, 2014

Waterman hits the ground running

4:19pm  Nov 28, 2014

First interview with Liam Duggan

5:13pm  Nov 27, 2014

Cavka brings all-round talent

5:06pm  Nov 27, 2014

Nelson bolsters the backline

4:59pm  Nov 27, 2014

Tom Lamb joins the nest

4:54pm  Nov 27, 2014

Liam Duggan highlights

4:47pm  Nov 27, 2014

West Coast welcome Duggan

4:39pm  Nov 27, 2014

2014 Draft update 26.11.14

3:22pm  Nov 26, 2014

Preparing for draft day

3:50pm  Nov 24, 2014

Brophy settles in

3:41pm  Nov 14, 2014

The Draft - Looking to 2015

8:33am  Nov 13, 2014

Alec Waterman highlights

8:55am  Oct 6, 2014

Draft Combine: Day four

7:23pm  Oct 3, 2014

Draft Combine: Day three

8:33am  Oct 3, 2014

Draft Combine: Day two

8:45am  Oct 2, 2014

Draft Combine: Day one

9:13am  Oct 1, 2014

Meet Corey Adamson

4:50pm  Aug 11, 2014