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Mindset the bigger issue

West Coast has bigger problems than its inability to win at the MCG, according to coach Adam Simpson

8:00pm Apr 23, 2017

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Duggan laments missed opportunities

Liam Duggan says West Coast squandered too many opportunities in their 50-point loss to Hawthorn

6:30pm Apr 23, 2017

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Hawks ambush Eagles

Hawthorn ran riot and handed West Coast its second loss of season 2017

5:30pm Apr 23, 2017

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Round 5: Key moments

Keep an eye on the key moments of our round five clash with Hawthorn

3:10pm Apr 23, 2017

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Late change due to balance: Hickmott

Adrian Hickmott has cited team balance as the reason behind the late change before today’s game with Hawthorn

2:15pm Apr 23, 2017

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Final teams

West Coast has elected to add more run to its side, with Dom Sheed brought in to replace ruckman Jonathan Giles

1:15pm Apr 23, 2017

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Last glance: Eagles v Hawks

We take one last glance at our battle with the Hawks ahead of the first bounce

11:30am Apr 23, 2017

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Eagles ready for fierce contest

Hawthorn’s 0-4 start to season 2017 will have no bearing on West Coast’s preparations for this afternoon’s game, according to Matt Priddis

9:45am Apr 23, 2017

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Sam Mitchell stars on Eagle Vision!

He might not be taking the field tomorrow, but Sam Mitchell is the star attraction on this week's episode of Eagle Vision!

1:00pm Apr 22, 2017

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Happy Eagles hone skills

A big crowd turned out at Wesley College to watch West Coast warm up for its round five fixture with Hawthorn

12:15pm Apr 22, 2017


Jack loving the Gov up forward

Jack Darling would love to see more of Jeremy McGovern in attack in 2017

7:45am Apr 22, 2017


Eagles lining up for East Perth

East Perth will have 15 West Coast-listed players at its disposal on Saturday afternoon

5:30pm Apr 21, 2017

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One change for Hawks clash

After much deliberation, West Coast has opted to make just one change ahead of its round five fixture against Hawthorn

3:00pm Apr 21, 2017

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We must improve on the road

Adam Simpson says West Coast's interstate form needs to improve amid calls from Wayne Carey for the Eagles to "put up or shut up" against Hawthorn

1:15pm Apr 21, 2017

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Simpson not showing his hand

West Coast will wait until the eleventh hour to select its final 22 for this Sunday’s clash with Hawthorn

12:00pm Apr 21, 2017

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"The Hawks are a champion side"

Adrian Hickmott says the Eagles are preparing to face Hawthorn at their best this Sunday

9:00am Apr 21, 2017

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"It wasn't going to be good enough"

Sam Mitchell says it didn't take him long to realise his ankle would not allow him to front up against Hawthorn on Sunday

4:45pm Apr 20, 2017

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Mitchell falls short

Sam Mitchell has failed to overcome an ankle injury sustained during West Coast's round four win over Sydney

4:25pm Apr 20, 2017

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Opposition watch: Rioli due to rebound

Hawthorn's Jack Gunston says he expects Cyril Rioli to fire up against West Coast at the weekend

2:45pm Apr 20, 2017

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Eagles ready to rumble

Honing fundamental skills and retaining poise under pressure was the focus of today’s West Coast Eagles main training session

2:00pm Apr 20, 2017