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First interview with Liam Duggan

5:13pm  Nov 27, 2014

Cavka brings all-round talent

5:06pm  Nov 27, 2014

Nelson bolsters the backline

4:59pm  Nov 27, 2014

Tom Lamb joins the nest

4:54pm  Nov 27, 2014

Liam Duggan highlights

4:47pm  Nov 27, 2014

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Hard runners spread Eagles' wings

Liam Duggan, Tom Lamb head West Coast's midfield-heavy draft haul

8:06am Nov 28, 2014


Duggan all smiles

Ballarat boy Liam Duggan says he can't wait to experience some WA sunshine

8:49pm Nov 27, 2014


Top draft marks

West Coast recruiters are delighted with the newest Eagles

8:22pm Nov 27, 2014


Pick 76: Alec Waterman

With its final selection, West Coast has taken father-son recruit Alec Waterman

8:07pm Nov 27, 2014


Pick 66: Damien Cavka

It's four Victorians from four picks, with West Coast selecting Damien Cavka in the fourth round

8:02pm Nov 27, 2014


Pick 51: Jackson Nelson

The Eagles continue the Victorian theme, picking Geelong product Jackson Nelson in the third round

7:56pm Nov 27, 2014


Pick 32: Tom Lamb

With its second selection, the Eagles have drafted a second Victorian in Liam Duggan

7:48pm Nov 27, 2014


Pick 11: Liam Duggan

West Coast has kicked off its 2014 draft by selecting Victorian Liam Duggan at no.11

7:35pm Nov 27, 2014


Pack still shuffling

Few recruiters can remember a draft year with so much depth

12:11pm Nov 27, 2014


Who will we pick?

Recruiting boss Rohan O'Brien has finalised the club's selection order ahead of today's national draft

8:38am Nov 27, 2014


Less fan confusion

MRP changes will eradicate confusing findings, says Gill McLachlan

3:50pm Nov 26, 2014


Final draft order

Which picks will West Coast take into Thursday's draft?

12:22pm Nov 26, 2014


No more demerit points

AFL to introduce 'simpler' MRP next year, with no demerit points

11:06am Nov 26, 2014


Delay no disadvantage

Mark LeCras returned to full training this week after having a plate removed from his forearm during the off-season

9:26am Nov 26, 2014


Brownlow eligibility relaxed

More fines for minor incidents next year as part of MRP overhaul

8:40am Nov 26, 2014


List assessment

What do the Eagles need in Thursday's draft?

3:56pm Nov 25, 2014


Our hopes on pick 11

Which AFL legends have been drafted with selection no.11?

12:22pm Nov 25, 2014


Shifter's immovables

AFL talent guru picks out the top prospects for Thursday's draft

8:17am Nov 25, 2014


Recruiters decide

WA recruiting manager Trevor Woodhouse shares his draft insight ahead of Thursday's meet

3:38pm Nov 24, 2014


Photos: Training update

The players kick this week off with another gruelling session on the track

1:50pm Nov 24, 2014