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Pick 62: Matthew Allen

Athletic South Australian forward taken with pick 62

9:51am  Nov 25, 2015

Pick 57: Kurt Mutimer

Pacey Dandedong wingman taken with pick 57

9:32am  Nov 25, 2015

Twitter reacts to the 2015 draft

Twitter was a buzz after the Eagles add four talented youngsters to their list

8:38am  Nov 25, 2015

Genuine quality slips through to Eagles

'With talls going early, boys that got through to our picks were more the mid-type players'

8:00am  Nov 25, 2015


O'Brien analyzes our picks

Eagles National Recruiting Manager Rohan O'Brien runs through our four selections at this year's draft

November 24, 2015  10:23 PM

Eagle Eye TV

O'Brien analyzes our picks

10:23pm Nov 24, 2015

Simpson speaks post-draft

9:36pm Nov 24, 2015

Matthew Allen highlights

6:11pm Nov 24, 2015

Kurt Mutimer highlights

6:03pm Nov 24, 2015

Tom Cole highlights

5:49pm Nov 24, 2015

Pick 36: Tom Cole

5:23pm Nov 24, 2015

Luke Partington highlights

5:11pm Nov 24, 2015

Pick 28: Luke Partington

5:10pm Nov 24, 2015

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