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Shifter's immovables

AFL talent guru picks out the top prospects for Thursday's draft

8:17am  Nov 25, 2014

Recruiters decide

WA recruiting manager Trevor Woodhouse shares his draft insight ahead of Thursday's meet

3:38pm  Nov 24, 2014

Photos: Training update

The players kick this week off with another gruelling session on the track

1:50pm  Nov 24, 2014

Jumper no.15

This guernsey has played less than half the number of games of many of its counterparts, but it's ready for a comeback

8:27am  Nov 24, 2014


Preparing for draft day

WA Recruiting Manager Trevor Woodhouse discusses the process behind the draft each year from a West Coast perspective

November 24, 2014  3:50 PM

Eagle Eye TV

Pre-season update 25.11.14

3:33pm Nov 25, 2014

Preparing for draft day

3:50pm Nov 24, 2014

Inspiring Aussies

10:06pm Nov 22, 2014

Priddis commits to West Coast

7:00am Nov 22, 2014

Shuey signs on till 2018

7:00am Nov 22, 2014

Pre-season update 21.11.14

4:58pm Nov 21, 2014

Eagle Vision

Eagle Vision bloopers for 2014

12:00am Sep 8, 2014

Jack Darling quick quiz

12:00am Sep 6, 2014

Simpson's season wrap

1:06pm Sep 1, 2014

Scott Lycett quick quiz

12:00am Aug 30, 2014

Bankwest Happy Moments for 2014

9:14am Aug 25, 2014

Priddis Masterclass - Tackling

8:36am Aug 13, 2014

Butler soccer trick shots

11:06am Aug 12, 2014