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Club statement: Murray Newman

Club statement  March 7, 2014 5:06 PM

The West Coast Eagles unreservedly accepts the court’s decision today to hand down a custodial sentence to Murray Newman.

Murray was found guilty in December of a grievous bodily harm charge and was today sentenced to 12 months jail, with a minimum of six months to be served before becoming eligible for parole.

West Coast chief executive officer Trevor Nisbett said the club does not condone Murray’s actions, but would like to retain him on the rookie list for the 2014 season.

“The club does not condone Murray’s actions, or similar violent acts, but will continue to support him,” Mr Nisbett said.

“As we have done throughout this case, we will continue to work closely with the AFL on this difficult issue.

“We would like to retain Murray on the club’s rookie list for the 2014 season as the club believes that it will be an important part of his rehabilitation and his re-integration to society – and football – upon his release.

“Since this incident occurred, Murray has been exemplary around the club, and is deeply sorry for his actions.

“That 10-second loss of control obviously now has dire consequences for Murray as he will spend at least the next six months in jail.”