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West Coast Eagles

Getting Savvy!

Ten senior Eagles members spent six weeks during September and October learning the basics of computers in the club’s third Tech-Savvy Seniors Introduction to Technology course held at Domain Stadium.

Senior members were invited to participate in the course, which is designed to introduce complete beginners to the benefits of modern technology. The course was offered as part of ‘Eagles in their Prime’ - a program of events aimed at the club’s loyal senior members, run in conjunction with the Seniors Recreation Council of WA.

Participants were taught the basics of email, Skype, social media and cyber-security, as well as how to utilise the club’s website and membership portal by a qualified IT professional from the SRCWA.

Participants commended the presenters and other attendees for making the experience so enjoyable.

‘I enjoyed the friendliness of all staff from the Senior Recreation Council and West Coast Eagles as well as their patience, helpfulness and knowledge. Thanks to all!’

‘Enjoyed the presentations, the teacher/trainers attitude and assistance, short and specific. Well done!’
At the completion of the six-week course, the attendees were taken on a tour of the club’s inner sanctum, including the players’ lounge, warm-up room and gym facilities.

Plans are already under way to run another Tech Savvy Seniors course next year; plus the ‘Eagles in their Prime’ team will be running a new event involving grandparents and their grandchildren supported by Rosewood Care Group. The Seniors Activity/Information Day will also be back by popular demand.

This initiative would not be possible without the equipment and support provided by the Seniors Recreation Council of WA, a predominately volunteer-run organisation that receives core funding support from the Department for Sport and Recreation and the Department for Local Government and Communities.

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