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Round 17: Key moments

Rhys Dickinson  July 16, 2017 3:10 PM

Sam Mitchell looks for an option up the ground

Sam Mitchell looks for an option up the ground

First quarter:

4.19: Welcome back Josh Kennedy! The two-time Coleman medallist gets on the end of a perfectly placed Jeremy McGovern pass and slots his set shot from 46m. 

7.10: Jack Darling gets sky high, takes a big contested clunk and rides Michael Johnson into the ground. He converts his good work into six points with a true drop punt from 35m.

Extra info: The Eagles have intercepted three of the Docker's first four clearances, resulting in the source for two marks inside 50 to Jack Darling and Josh Kennedy.

14.16: The Eagles go coast-to-coast off the back of a crafty half-back switch and Drew Petrie goals from point blank range after receiving a long handball over the top from Jack Darling. West Coast leads by 18.

Extra info: The Eagles lead the inside 50's (72) in this quarter with six of these being generated from intercepts.

Extra info: West Coast has created an inside 50 from 33 per cent of defensive 50 chains, leading to two goals from this source. They are ranked 6th in competition at converting these chains into scores. 

22.51: Matt Priddis finds himself in the right place at the right time, scoops up the loose Sherrin and intersects the major opening with a left-foot snap from 35m out.

Extra info: West Coast relished on the back off Fremantle's turnovers in this quarter. They created four more intercepts and launched seven inside 50's, resulting in a three goal to zero advantage from this source.

West Coast 4.1 (25) v Fremantle 0.3 (3)

Second quarter:

6.00: Jack Redden shows some composure with the Sherrin in hand and spots up a fast-leading Josh Kennedy with a neat inside 50 entry. The returning spearhead boots his second goal with an imperious drop punt from 38m. 

Extra info: The difference between the two sides has been the Eagles ball use from attacking midfield intercepts. Both sides have created eight intercepts, yet the Eagles have found three marks inside 50 and kicked three goals to zero from this source.

Extra info: Fremantle's kicking efficiency has been extremely poor in this game. It is 11 per cent below their season average and they have committed 18 direct turnovers.

Extra info: A clear disparity between the two sides is their goal kicking accuracy. The Eagles have been efficient at 62.5 per cent and the Dockers wasteful at 12.5 per cent.

Extra info: The Eagles kicking efficiency has dropped from 68 to 56 percent in the second quarter while Fremantle's has risen from 58 per cent to 63 per cent.

Extra info: West Coast's defence has been extremely resilient in this half, with the Dockers leading the inside 50s by 10 but managing just two goals. They have been led by Liam Duggan, who with 21 disposals, is just five off a career high. He also has eight intercepts and 256m gained. Shannon Hurn has 18 disposals and eight intercepts and is going at 100 per cent kicking efficiency.

West Coast 5.4 (34) v Fremantle 2.8 (20)

Third quarter:

3.22: Jeremy McGovern reels in a big intercept mark and nails his set shot from 45m near the right boundary.

Extra info: The Eagles continue to be efficient from intercept chains, launching 4.1 (25) from just 13 forward half intercepts.

4.23: Mark LeCras is rewarded for his gut run with a neat goal from 10m. Josh Kennedy offers the assist with a crafty tap over the back to his great mate.

Extra info: Fremantle has applied 9 tackles to 1 this quarter with this pressure allowing them to generate 4 scores from turnovers. However, their goal kicking accuracy on the run is just 20 per cent.

Extra info: The Eagles have been extremely reliant on Kennedy and Darling with 12 of their 24 entries directed towards them. These entries have resulted in six marks and three goals.

22.56: Jeremy McGovern clunks a pivotal intercept mark and opens up the play with a booming kick to a free Sam Mitchell. The 2012 Brownlow medallist finds a flying Brad Sheppard, who hits up Mark LeCras in the attacking arc. LeCras boots his second goal with a sweet set shot from 44m. Eagles lead by 29.

28.53: Fremantle gifts Josh Kennedy his third goal of the game after negligently running through the 10m protected zone. The two-time Coleman medallist is marched 50m and guides his shot from 15m through the tall posts.

West Coast 9.6 (60) v Fremantle 3.13 (31)

Fourth quarter:

2.54: Stephen Hill comes off second best and leaves the field with a dislocated shoulder following a scuffle with Mark LeCras.

Extra info: Fremantle's kicking efficiency is just 39 per cent in their forward half today and as a result, West Coast has created 47 defensive half intercepts. These intercepts have resulted in 3.3 (21).

Extra info: Since quarter time, the Dockers have created 15 forward half intercepts and launched 4.4 (28) from this source. In contrast, West Coast has launched just 2.2 (14).

20.21: Josh Kennedy keeps his feet, reels in a loose ball near the right boundary and centres the ball on his left boot. Jack Darling works back with the flight of the ball, grasps a big overhead mark and goals from 15m. 

Extra info: Ultimately, West Coast has been too efficient going inside 50 and at converting. They have created 10 marks inside 50 from 41 entries and converted 53 per cent of their shots. Whilst, Fremantle has converted just 25 per cent of shots on goal.

23.25: Dom Sheed gets marched 50m following another Fremantle protected zone infringement and fades his shot from 40m past the right upright. Eagles lead by 29.

Extra info: West Coast's kicking efficiency has been 12 per cent higher than Fremantle. They have also been able to transition more effectively, generating 4.3 (27) to 1.6 (12) from defensive half intercepts.

West Coast 11.7 (74) v Fremantle 5.14 (44)