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Time to tame the Tigers!

Well, well, well look who's back in town.

1:57pm Jul 25, 2014


Rick's Blog: Round 16, 2014

Battle of the birds this weekend!

5:27pm Jul 4, 2014


Rick's Blog: Round 15, 2014

Two in a row and onto those pesky Dockers!

10:18am Jun 27, 2014


Rick's Blog: Round 14, 2014

Let's make it two wins in a row

1:55pm Jun 20, 2014


Rick's Blog: Round 13, 2014

Shattered for Glassy! Come on boys, lift for the great man!

5:02pm Jun 13, 2014


Rick's Blog: Round 12, 2014

I know we can respond in Tassie!

1:23pm Jun 6, 2014


Rick's Blog: Round 11, 2014

A big chance this week to bouce back against the Roos!

12:49pm May 30, 2014


Rick's Blog: Round 10, 2014

Rick's back after the bye and ready to rock in round 10!

12:45pm May 22, 2014


Rick's Blog: Round 8, 2014

Time to topple the Giants!

11:44am May 10, 2014


Rick's Blog: Round 7, 2014

It's time to smash those Dockers!

3:02pm May 2, 2014


Rick's Blog: Round 6, 2014

I'm back and ready for the boys to give Carlton the blues!

1:14pm Apr 24, 2014


Rick's Blog: Round 5, 2014

I'm back and ready to kick the boys home this Saturday night!

5:52pm Apr 17, 2014


Rick's Blog: Round Four, 2014

Looks like we are set for a cracker of a game against the Cats in Geelong

3:01pm Apr 11, 2014


Rick's Blog: Round Two, 2014

Another week, another edition of the world's number one footy blog

5:53pm Mar 28, 2014


Rick's Blog: Round One, 2014

I'm back! Another year is here and I can't wait for tomorrow!

1:35pm Mar 22, 2014


Rick's Footy Blog: Round 23

For the last time in 2013, here's the best footy blogger in the!

12:25pm Aug 30, 2013


Rick's Footy Blog: Round 22

It's time for another battle of the birds, this time on the big Friday night stage!

12:14pm Aug 21, 2013


Rick's Footy Blog: Round 21

After a week sabatical, I'm back and ready to tear the Cats apart with my boys!

4:18pm Aug 16, 2013


Rick's Footy Blog: Round 19

Rick is back, bigger and better than ever!

6:43pm Aug 1, 2013


Rick's Footy Blog: Round 18

What a tough five weeks it's been

3:11pm Jul 26, 2013