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The Tabitha Foundation, one of the club’s many charity partners, supports Cambodian families and communities in their journey to a better life by providing food, income security, safe water, housing and education.

For a number of years the West Coast Eagles Football Club has travelled to Cambodia with a group of players, senior coaches and support staff. The purpose of the trip is to take the players out of their comfort zones and show them the hardships faced by many Cambodians.

In addition, the trip demonstrates that players can make a difference to the lives of people through their own direct efforts. Player-built houses have now provided secure shelter for hundreds of people across the country. The trips to Cambodia are considered to be highly successful; motivating people within the club to contribute more to the children of Cambodia.

In 2011, the club successfully fundraised more than $50,000 for the Tabitha Foundation to fund the construction of a school in the Cambodian village of Koh Kong.

Thanks to the generous support of Airbnb, the West Coast Eagles will again head to Cambodia to build houses for the Tabitha Foundation.

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Senior members of the squad travelled to Cambodia thanks to AirBNB, to build homes for the local villagers

April 5, 2016  12:00 AM

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