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Geoff Christian

The late Geoff Christian was not only the most revered sports columnist in Western Australian history, but he was also a driving force behind the birth of the West Coast Eagles.

For 33 years he was a sports writer for the West Australian newspaper, the last 26 as chief football writer, and he was instrumental in providing guidance and support for the evolution of the club into a national competition.

Christian wrote "Soaring", an account of the first decade of the club's existence in the VFL/AFL, and was also recognised as no. 1 ticket holder, a position he held for the mandatory two years in 1997 and 1998. Sadly he died in 1998 after a sustained fight against cancer.

In searching for the appropriate name to link to the bequest society, the club could think of no one more deserving. Geoff Christian was passionate and integral to the club we know today, a sagacious and incisive football authoritarian who would be deeply proud of what the club is today.

The development of the Geoff Christian Society provides an opportunity for supporters of this club to provide for the future of vital activites to ensure this club can continue its proud tradition of success for generations to come.



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