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Jumper history

A work in progress...

Jumper no.1

Explore the history of West Coast's first guernsey

10:38am  Sep 30, 2013

Jumper no.2

Which past greats have worn this guernsey?

9:23am  Oct 8, 2013

Jumper no.3

Look back on the legends who've worn this jumper for the Eagles

11:52am  Oct 29, 2013

Jumper no.4

Some of the greatest Eagles of all time have worn jumper number four

7:57pm  Nov 8, 2013

Jumper no.5

Could this be the guernsey of the unsung hero?

3:03pm  Dec 12, 2013

Jumper no.6

I may have taken a little while to make a name for myself, but when I did, I'd like to think it was worth the wait

10:53am  Dec 17, 2013

Jumper no.7

Some important firsts happened in this guernsey

10:53am  Dec 23, 2013

Jumper no.8

Is this guernsey cursed?

11:22am  Dec 30, 2013

Jumper no.9

Three names are synonymous with this guernsey. But who else wore the famous no.9?

10:47am  Jan 8, 2014

Jumper no.10

Only seasoned professionals have worn this guernsey

7:55am  Jan 30, 2014

Jumper no.11

It took a few years for this guernsey's career to really take off

9:52am  Sep 24, 2014

Jumper no.12

This guernsey is keen to get back on track

9:13am  Oct 14, 2014

Jumper no.13

Does guernsey no.13 live up to its unlucky reputation?

8:16am  Oct 24, 2014

Jumper no.14

Every guernsey goes through a period of uncertainty, and no.14 is no stranger to this feeling

10:12am  Nov 4, 2014

Jumper no.15

This guernsey has played less than half the number of games of many of its counterparts, but it's ready for a comeback

8:27am  Nov 24, 2014

Jumper no.16

How many Eagles have worn this guernsey?

10:10am  Dec 20, 2014

Jumper no.17

This guernsey has played 488 matches so far, the most of any in club history

2:43pm  Dec 27, 2014

Jumper no.18

Which club greats have worn this guernsey?

8:46am  Jan 30, 2015