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Selection 18: Luke Shuey

Luke Shuey
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Date of birth: 2/06/90
Height: 185cm
Weight: 84kg
Club: Oakleigh Chargers

Bio: Shuey is an inside midfielder who excels at stoppages and has good ball-winning ability. He has pace and can go forward with good effect. A Vic Metro under-18 representative in 2008. From Marcellin College.

Jason McCartney says: Luke had 18 disposals, five clearances and also snared a couple of goals playing through the midfield and across half-forward against South Australia in the under-18 championships. He plays with a really good intensity and, even though he got rushed with a few disposals, when he had those opportunities to finish around goal, he did.

Vic Metro U18 coach David Dickson says: Luke won our best and fairest at Vic Metro. Not many people would know that because we keep that pretty in-house, but he was our most valuable player over the five games at the carnival.

We had a bit of a situation with him at the start because he collided with Jackson Trengove at a training session and he was terribly upset that Jackson then had to have a knee operation and missed the year. We actually had to get Jackson to ring him and tell him not to worry about it and that it was just one of those things that happens in football.

He's a very caring kid for his teammates, but as a player he's really hard at it. He's got good skills and is a good hard runner. When we knew we were going to have to challenge Western Australia with Daniel Rich and those sorts of players he was our number one midfielder that really had to lift up and we thought he was just outstanding.

I would liken him a little bit to Luke Ball. We didn't play Luke (Shuey) against New South Wales on the Saturday before the WA game because we were concerned that he is so intense at the ball that he might have got injured and not been able to come up for the next game.


NAB AFL Under 18 Championships
Team Mt K HB D M HO T G
Vic Metro 4 8.0 10.3 18.3 3.5 0.0 2.8 0.8

Draft Camp highlights:
4th shuttle run/beep test 14.4
9th agility test 8.34sec
=9th 20m sprint 2.92sec

In his own words

What sort of player are you?
I'm generally an inside player and I don't run with the ball that much. I play midfield. I generally rest forward with Oakleigh and also my school team (Marcellin College).

My clearance work and aerobic capacity are my two main strengths.

I've been told I've got to start kicking a few goals as a midfielder. I've also been told to get my speed under three seconds for 20m. I ran a 2.94 [at the NAB AFL Draft Camp], but those two areas.

Which AFL team do you support?
I'm a Melbourne supporter.

Which AFL player do you feel you most resemble?
I model my game around Nathan Jones. I do most of my work inside and I've got a bash-and-crash game. I like that stuff and I look up to him.