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Round 12: Pressing questions

Simpson post-match v Swans Adam Simpson spoke with the media after our Round 12 match with the Swans

Adam, that was a pretty disappointing effort from the team today.

Effort is one thing, but I think the old adage ‘Don’t get beaten by what you know’ probably comes to mind. We planned a lot about what we thought Sydney would do and they executed their plans a lot better than we did ours.

Was Buddy at the centre of ‘what you know’?

Buddy is at the centre of what we know. For us, some of the numbers if you look at them on paper, you would go 'We’ll take a lot of those numbers’. The contest was pretty even, inside 50s we were plus-12. But they kicked 10 goals from our front half, so that’s an indication of how we defended behind our entries. We’ll look at that. We’re 8-4 and we’re really disappointed tonight. The effort was inconsistent but it was probably more the execution of our plans were not up to scratch. And geez, I’ll tell you what, Sydney played really well. They had injuries left, right and centre – I think they had one players available (on the bench) in the last quarter and a half. To do what they did, they would be very proud and we are disappointed.

You mentioned you are 8-4 before. The four losses have been by more than 40 points. What do you put your finger on, when it gets away from you it’s a significant margin?

We look at trends and losses by 40 points is a trend. I take that, but we probably look at more the reason and what happens throughout the games. Every game is different, so the numbers suggested a different type of result for us normally, but it’ the second time it’s happened to us against Sydney here. I think last year we had 60 inside 50s and didn’t defend behind those either. It’s got nothing to do with the ground. I think it’s the way Sydney executed their plans.

Is it particularly hard to cop given last week your boys played some of their best football for the year?

Every week is different. I look at what the Swans are doing and they’ve got some great kids coming through. They’ve still got some exceptional leaders and A-grade players. I would have thought the way they played tonight, they will win a lot more games than they lose in the back half of the year.

Are they a difficult team to defend against? They’ve obviously got Buddy, who hit some form tonight, but Sam Reid has been in some good form and Tom Papley is a player on the rise.

Our defenders lowered their colours tonight, but we didn’t help them up the ground. It’s a combination of both. Some individuals for Sydney were really good and some of our boys were off. Pretty much every line, their colours were lowered.

As for the pressure, you had 100 tackles against Adelaide, had 30-odd last week in a different type of game and 40-odd tonight. Is that a concern or one of the areas you are talking about?

Teams play a different style every week and if it’s a more combative game it’s probably due to the way both teams are playing. If you’re trying to keep the ball off the other side, you’re probably going to get less pressure. All of our games are low for pressure most of the time. What’s been pleasing for us this year, I reckon there’s been five or six games that felt like finals-type of football for us. Some of the numbers and the way that we have executed and pressure the game, but that didn’t happen tonight.

Adam, how welcome is the bye?

We’ll take it. Hopefully we’ll get some players back after the break. We are missing a few, like a lot of clubs. Yeo, Naitanui, Barrass, Hurn – they’ll find themselves back in the side pretty quick.