Name: Parris Laurie

Nickname: Paz

Instagram: @parrisllaurie

Twitter: @Parrislaurie1

Occupation: Health and Physical Education Teacher

Position: Ruck

Football achievements: U23’s WA state rep, Claremont WFC Captain 2018/19, AFLW 2019(Fremantle)

What excites you most about being an inaugural Eagle? Inspiring young girls to never put a limit on what they can achieve. Being a part of something that is so big and also growing so fast.

Which teammate are you most looking forward to playing with? There’s too many! So many girls that I’m super excited to play with and all for different reasons. I’m also pretty excited to see the Irish girls in action!

The toughest AFLW opponent you’ve encountered? Rhiannon Metcalfe

Pre-game meal? Whatever’s going tbh; Subway usually does the job though.

Game day superstitions? Tighten my shoes just before on field warm up.

Wost injury? Hip flexor cork

Hobby? Brunch and competitive social sports with friends e.g. Spikeball, quoits, tennis, volleyball

Favourite holiday spot? Switzerland and theme parks

What’s your spirit animal? In-season: Baby Giraffe. Off-season: Hippopotamus

Favourite band? Nickelback – Not sure why everyone pretends to not like them…

Favourite TV series? Friends, New Girl, Scrubs and a newly added fav - Gogglebox

Something you can’t live without? Sweet and salty combos ie popcorn and maltesers, plus salted caramel flavoured everything!