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Budget put Ballas on the backburner

'He’s a great little player but we’ve got cap restrictions and we had priorities to fill'

11:15am  Oct 24, 2016

Player fury over 2017 fixture

AFLPA angry over apparent absence of two in-season byes in 2017

7:30am  Oct 24, 2016

Eagles to open 2017 at Etihad

Eagles to take on the Roos in 2017 season opener

9:36am  Oct 23, 2016

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Rookie Eagles End of Year Party

The West Coast Eagles stop by the Perth Zoo to visit their Rookie Eagle members for the annual end of year party

December 20, 2012  11:21 AM




Trade period review: West Coast

3:15pm Oct 20, 2016

Eagles welcome Vardy

9:33am Oct 20, 2016

Who 'won' the Judd trade?

10:19am Oct 19, 2016

Mitchell can't wait to head west

12:35pm Oct 15, 2016

Nic Nat pumped with Mitch's move

1:30pm Oct 14, 2016

Best of Sam Mitchell

7:41am Oct 14, 2016

Vozzo on Sam Mitchell

2:37pm Oct 12, 2016