Our Vision

West Coast Eagles are the most community connected sporting organisation in Australia.

Club Strategic Priorities

  • Engaging and proactively supporting the community is ingrained in our culture and we promote this to our members, supporters and sponsors.
  • We continue to develop our regional WA strategy ensuring we grow this with due diligence and deliver significant impact.
  • We continually collaborate with the Waalitj Foundation to promote reconciliation, celebrate First Nations culture.
  • Our academy programs are designed to deliver both football and community outcomes which provide lasting benefit.
  • We continue to work with like-minded charities and corporate partners to deliver social outcomes across the State.
  • We are a proud and active neighbour to the residents of Victoria Park and ensure that we deliver on our commitments and obligations.

The Values we live by

  • United – Trust, Alignment and Teamwork
  • Passionate – Challenge, Growth and Proud
  • Professional – Innovation, Excellence and Integrity

How we achieve this

We start each day with aspiration and go home with a sense of achievement.