Helping adolescent girls be the best version of themselves.

SOAR: West Coast Eagles Wellbeing Series for Youth Girls fosters the development of skills, knowledge and strategies for the adolescent girls we meet. Our aim is to promote healthy attitudes and practices that will lead young women to take responsibility for their own wellbeing and discover how good they can be. We believe our outstanding female role models (AFLW players and West Coast Eagles staff) will inspire them to continue to be physically active.

Four (4) interactive modules are presented in our classrooms at Mineral Resources Park, Lathlain or at your school or community club to suit your timetable. You can choose all 4 modules, single modules or any combination that suits your needs.

The wellbeing principles covered are keys to striving to be the best version of yourself no matter whether your passion is music, acting, sport or academic. It’s about excellence in preparation to be your best and grow your confidence. All modules are aligned with current curriculum outcomes.

SOAR Regional: The SOAR program is delivered into regional Western Australia thanks to the support of BHP, including through both the Pilbara and Goldfields region.


The 4 modules are:

1. Healthy Food Relationship: Nutrition and Recovery (1 hour)

  • This module educates on developing a positive relationship with food and eating for improved healthy lifestyle and athletic performance
  • Included are other vital aspects of recovery post training and game, including tips to get more sleep

2. Training for Elite Performance (1 hour)

  • Educates on the physical demands for training, getting the best out of yourself no matter what level you are aspiring to and striving to be the best you can be
  • Includes physical aspects of training (Strength &Conditioning input), goal setting, mental wellbeing (supports and mindfulness training), work/study, work/life balance

3. Overcoming the Female Q Angle: Athletic Movement and Injury Prevention (1 hour)

  • The female Q angle causes females to be more susceptible to lower limb injuries no matter what physical activity you choose
  • This module focuses on correct warm up prior to training and specific exercise protocols to reduce risk of injuries
  • 70% of session is practical

4. Body Image + Impact of Menstrual Cycle on Performance (1 hour)

  • Females’ physiology is unique. Yet there is very little discussion or education for athletes and coaches around the menstrual cycle and exercise.
  • We discuss impacts on training and performance during the 4 phases of menstruation, with the individual nature of symptoms such as mood and fatigue. Students will then explore recommendations to improve their performance in any aspects of their life during any phase of their menstrual cycle
  • We focus on being confident in your body and embracing changes that occur with physical training

Aimed at Secondary female school students and clubs but can also cater to specific needs.

For more information please contact:

Janelle Marangon
High Schools & Community Coordinator