Born is pride, from isolation,
Our fortress built, we cross the nation,
Our colours share, the west coast sky,
Our will to win will never die.

 We're the Eagles...the West Coast Eagles
And we’re here to show you why
We’re the big birds
Kings of the big game
We're the Eagles, we’re flying high 

We stick together, through thick and thin,
We grow as champions from within,
Our club knows, it's more than winning
It's West Coast magic, and it's just beginning 

We're the Eagles, the West Coast Eagles
And we're here to show you why
We're the big birds, kings of the big game
We're the Eagles, we're flying high


Meaning of verse 1 lyrics

Born is pride, from isolation. Refers to Western Australian prideWest Australians are proud of our remoteness and isolation. That means to achieve, to succeed, you have to do it; you have to make it happen.

Our fortress built, we cross the nation. It has always been there. It’s one of the foundations of our success. Was Subi, now Optus Stadium. Our expeditions east to play and win reinforce the spirit of the adventure. It recognises the unique spirit of the original West Coast Eagles ‘adventurers’ who were the first to travel east to challenge Australian football orthodoxy and succeeded. That same spirit we have today and always.

Our colours share, the west coast sky. One of the things that differentiates WA from the east coast is the spectacular and unique colours we have in the west. The blue of the western sky and the golden rays as the sun sets on the western horizon. That is where our club colours come from.

Our will to win won’t die….this is about our fighting spirit…our courage and resilience… put simply, our will to win.

Meaning of verse 2 lyrics

We stick together, through thick and thin. Belonging, togetherness, courage, resilience and success through perseverance. 

We grow as champions from within. self-belief, inner strength and confidence but through humility. Avoids the cliché of "we are champions" and follows the deeper meaning of what a ‘champion’ means to the club.

Our fans know, it's more than winning. suggests we have a higher purpose and references compassion. It is not arrogant, self-indulgent or hedonistic.

It’s West Coast magic. Magic is and has been the signature of the West Coast Eagles from day one. It also respects the indigenous players that have brought their ‘magic’ to the club through breathtaking and exciting deeds and skill. The magic of Narkle, Lewis, Matera, Jetta, Rioli, Ryan and Kelly.

And it's just beginning. suggests that our history is being written…right now. It's a line which is very much an invitation to new fans, as if to say, you don't have to have lived the entire history of the club or been around in 1992, 1994, 2006 and even 2018 to be a true fan. We are making our history now and there’s more to come…


The West Coast Eagles would like to acknowledge and thank all the fans who were involved in the making of the video that accompanies the club song:

 Aaron Adam; Kieran Artelaris; Ben Barker; Andrew Beck; Albert Bellekom; Beau Bellekom; Bev Bignell; John Bignell; Jiya Bisana; Ketut Bisana; Rahni Bisana; Tania Bisana; Rizza Bonalba; The  Bowen Family; Adam Bradshaw; Melissa Browning; Jacqui Burke; Maverick Burke; Andrew Carr; Emma Castle; Noel Chapman; Abraham Chesson; Jeanette Chesson; Saskia Chesson; Simon Chesson; Aries Clarenc; Seth Clarenc; Amber Cocking; Stephanie Cocking; Beryl Connell; Sharon Connell; Michelle De Gois; Andrew Dedman; Michael Degasperis; John  Dempster; Ross Dempster; Abbey Dhue; Bronte Dhue; Nicole Dhue; Lindsay Dodd; Brendan Edwards; Ben Edwards; Bruce Edwards; Diane Edwards; Eloise Edwards; James Edwards; Britt Ewen; Piper Ewen; Luke Falkner; Ali Fijac; Gilbert Fijac; John Fijac; Kerry Fijac; Deanne Fitzgerald; Shae Anne Flugge; Shevonne Flugge; Alfie Gartrell; Bronte Gartrell; Brendan Gibbs; Ross Glendinning; Ian Goldthorpe; Kiara Grigo; Russell Gunn; Jo Hanson; Marissa Hastings; David Herbert; Brad Hibble; Jan Hibble; Sydney Hodges; Janet Hughes; Archer Humberstone-Smith; Pamela Hynson; Donna Jackson; Jessica James; Craig Johnson; Margaret Johnson; The Johnson Family; April-Jade Jolly; Taylor Jolly; Julie Jones; Aiden Kellock; Matilda Kellock; William Kellock; Robyn Kerr; Beverley Kurbosky; Richard Kurbosky; Chloe Kyron; Brad Lambie; Celeste Lambie; Ella Lambie; Hayes Lambie; Jamie Lewis; Cristina Lombards; Emma Longstaff; Sam Low; Tracey Low; Tamara Lucas; The Macri Family; Kruze Maguire; Joel Martin; Levi Martin; Taj Martin; Tina Martin; Xavier Martin; Peter & Janne Martin; Peter & June Martin; Kyran McKenzie; Taj McKenzie; Brad McKnight; Kristy McLean & Family; Deryn Migliore; Merilyn Moore; Scott Moore; Hugo Morris; Imogen Morris; Ryan Morris; Spencer Morris; Darnell Morrison; Charlee-Shay Mudway; Alaya Murray; Gwen Murray; Harvey Murray; Orlando Murray; Linda Narkle; Jade Narkle; Phil Narkle; Lisa O'Sullivan; Harrison Parnaby; Imogen Parnaby; Kate Parnaby; Sam Parnaby; Jenni Patching; Jazmin Paull; Shaynie Paull; Jason Pavia; Alenka Persichillo; Taylor Pervan; Ben Pieters; Robyn Pollard; Alan Rance & Family; Diane Reeves; Garry Ryder; Danielle Santoro; Jason Santoro; Oliver Santoro; Sophia Santoro; Mark Sforcina; Nina Sharpe; Anthony Smith; Chris Smith; Vince Spagnol; Helen Stephens; Luke Stephens; James Stewart; Melita Stewart; Molly Stewart; Sienna Stewart; Linda Stringer; Kaiden Summerall; Sonia Summerall; Joshua Sutherland; Val Swift; Dylan Swinbourne; Diane Tate; Keira Tilbrook; Ryan Turnbull; Cody Ure; Jaden Ure; Shelley Ure; Jessica van der Walt; Veronica Walker; Daniel Williams; Kathleen Williams; Megan Williams; Telesha Williams; Sue Wilsmore; Natalie Woolfitt;