Popular defender Liam Duggan has galvanised his long-held ambition to play his entire career at the West Coast Eagles by signing a three-year contract with the club.

Duggan, 24, one of the senior players impacted by injury through the 2021 campaign, missing eight games with a knee injury, is a leader among the next generation of players and is thrilled to further commit to the Eagles.

“It’s exciting for me,” said Duggan, a member of the 2018 premiership team.

“We’ve got the three-year contract done and really happy to be at the club for a further three years – the club I’ve come to love and really want to be a part of for the future going forward as well. So, super exciting.

“This will take me through to 10 years. I’d love to be a one-club player, that’s been high on my priority since arriving at the AFL and arriving at this great club as well.

"That is something I’d love to be once my footy career is over.”


Duggan, who has played 116 games, had issues with a posterior cruciate ligament injury in the middle of the season and while he tried to manage the issue, eventually had to concede he could not play through it and had surgery.

“The knee is coming along,” he enthused.

“It’s been slow going since the operation. I suppose the only silver lining of finishing in August is that I was able to get this done nice and early and should be back with plenty of time for next season.

“Although we’d love to still be training at the moment and getting ready for the big dance, it wasn’t to be this year, but we’ll have this out of the way and ready to go for next year.”

Duggan, with Tom Cole and Tom Barrass, was one of the younger players in the backline during the 2018 campaign, but has also pushed through the midfield when required in the last couple of seasons.