What are you hoping to achieve in the upcoming AFLW season?

Our goals are to improve on last year, really get a hold of the game plan and be able to implement that in games, stay in games for longer. I just felt that last year we were in games for a quarter or two and then in the second half we were blown away. So to be able to impact more in those second halves, and obviously win more games than we did last year.

What have you implemented so far that will ensure those steps are in place for next season?

I think the big thing for the girls is the education side of things, so we're really starting to focus heavily on that, with a lot of vision, a lot of clips from training, and really explaining why we're doing certain things at training and how that relates to a game-style we want to play moving forward.

What interests you about female football?

What interests me about female football is that it's always fun. The girls are always having fun, no matter how hard they're working, their ability to have fun and enjoy the sessions and the camaraderie between the girls is really tight knit, so I'm really enjoying that side of things. But I'm also enjoying the fact that they're like sponges, they really want to learn so they're asking a lot of questions and trying to further their football careers.

And you met most of the girls through our Female Football Pathways, so you've already had an opportunity to build relationships and become a part of that camaraderie?

I did meet most of the girls through my work across our Female Football Pathways and definitely built some really strong foundations and relationships, it was exciting to get involved. I really believe we have a role in growing the game through these pathways, as well as supporting community and AFLW outcomes.

How is pre-season going so far?

Going really well, we can't question the girls' effort, when they come to training, they've been fantastic, at the moment we've got good availability on the track, which is fantastic compared to this time last year. We've got over half of our squad that have come back and did personal bests in their fitness testing, so they've gone away and done the work, and they're really wanting to improve moving forward into 2022.

And who is looking good on the track currently?

I think there's a number of girls looking really good at the moment, 'Swanny' (Emma Swanson) our captain is leading by example, which is fantastic, so she's come back in better shape than she was last year. Young Charlie Thomas, our first pick in the draft has been outstanding with what she's been able to do so far. And Dana Hooker back training after missing a large chunk of the season last year, just with that leadership part of training as well is really spurring the group onto bigger and better things.

And you've been enjoying leading the group?

Yeah I love it. I'm so glad I took up the challenge and really enjoying every day that I come to work with the girls. I think we're doing some really hard yards at the moment, obviously being pre-season, but we're having a lot of fun along the way which is really important in my eyes.