The West Coast Eagles have unveiled the club’s inaugural AFLW Indigenous Round guernsey, designed by artist, Buffie Corunna.

The intricate detailing of the jumper identifies West Coast’s strong connection with community, which is a cornerstone of the club’s values.

The guernsey also represents First Nations people across both Western Australia and Australia, and cross-cultural connections amongst the team, which are signified through acts of support between Indigenous and non-Indigenous players.

The jumper also acknowledges West Coast’s significant commitment to reconciliation and empowering First Nations people through the establishment of the Waalitj Foundation in 2005.

The design was guided by West Coast Eagles forward Imahra Cameron and former player Alicia Janz. The design process commenced last year, with Eagles' RAP member Collene Castle also involved through the creation.

“Just looking back on the creation now, I am so honoured to be able to see the girls wearing it,” Corunna explained.

“It is just the representation of culture and identity, especially for Indigenous player Imahra Cameron.

“It is important for me to see the Indigenous First Nations guernsey being worn to show a strong commitment for cultural representation and connections within the AFLW and the wider community.

“I am so honoured to be given the opportunity to create and design this jumper, I can’t wait to see it on and everyone wearing it, it’s going to be an amazing feeling.”

The circles surrounding the jumper represent different facets of the club and the wider community, while the larger circle in the heart of the guernsey is West Coast’s AFLW team.

“One circle represents the coaches, the next represents the players, the staff, the members and the community,” Corunna said. “The lines to the middle of the circle represent the connection that everyone needs to have to play their role within the club.

“My design represents the club and all the important contributors that make up the West Coast Eagles women’s team.

“Each circle represents a different contributor that plays their role within the club. The lines leading into the bigger circle represent the strong connections needed within the club.

“Then the big circle in the middle – the heart of the guernsey represents the West Coast Eagles women’s team.”

The West Coast Eagles women’s team will wear the guernsey across two rounds – seven and eight (Indigenous Round) – to show the cultural significance of the jumper as well as the club’s ongoing commitment to reconciliation and empowering First Nations people.