On Friday the West Coast Eagles take on Essendon at Optus Stadium in a special game dedicated to helping build a sustainable future by educating our fans about doing the right thing with waste both at the stadium and at home.

Premiership player Dom Sheed and AFLW player Kellie Gibson are the faces behind the club’s Rethink Your Waste campaign in 2022.

Do the right thing, use the right bin...proudly supported by the club’s sustainability consultants W.R.I.T.E Solutions Australia.

The West Coast Eagles is passionate about reducing waste, and over the past three years our Rethink Your Waste game has helped raise awareness of the environmental challenges we have here in WA.

Our fans have done a great job at reducing waste contamination at Optus Stadium; and we are encouraging all fans once again to do the right thing, and use the right bin at all Eagles games played at Optus Stadium.

On Friday we will learn more about the difference between recyclable, compostable and landfill. If an item is a hard plastic drinks container or cup holder and most importantly it's clean, it goes in the yellow bin! If you have some left over food, or cardboard food packaging it goes in the green bin. Generally, if it is CLEAN, cardboard, glass, hard plastic it can be recycled; if it’s food waste or food packaging it can be composted but check with our volunteers today! Remember if in doubt, chuck it out!

Thanks to W.R.I.T.E Solutions Australia - the club’s sustainability and waste management partners, look out for our volunteers wearing green Rethink Your Waste t-shirts around the ground Friday. They are ready to answer your recycling questions.