Two of the West Coast Eagles' emerging stars – defender Brady Hough and ruckman Callum Jamieson – have recommitted to the club, fortifying their faith in the club’s direction.

As the club strives towards another generation of success Hough and Jamieson, both of whom debuted in the testing circumstances surrounding 2022, will look to cement positions in the team as it evolves.

Hough, who recently celebrated his 20th birthday, played his first senior match in the season opener against Gold Coast 12 months ago, while Jamieson was thrown into the deep end against North Melbourne a week later.

Jamieson played in defence against the Roos at a time when availability was at all an all-time low as the Eagles called on five Covid Contingency List players from WAFL to field a team. He later won back a place in the line-up and impressed with his competitive drive when playing in a more customary ruck role.

Hough played 15 games and was awarded the Emerging Talent mantle at the Club Champion Awards while Jamieson, 22, played nine games.

“I’m so happy to re-sign with the club until the end of 2025,” Hough said. “It has been an unreal start to my career and I don’t think I’m anywhere near my best because I have so much development ahead of me.

“To sign on with Jammo, there are so many good young players coming through it’s really exciting. There’s some good young leaders too so I can’t wait to see what the future holds for West Coast.


“I just love the club, staying in WA is great so I can stay around family and friends and that’s an absolute bonus. It has never been on my mind to leave the club, I have so many great mates here already and hopefully I can continue to form some relationships.

“I have had a pretty strong off-season and pre-season for 2023 so hopefully I can get a few more games together. I didn’t really expect last year to go so well off the back of a few injuries so hopefully I can earn a spot and play a few more games.

“There are so many great leaders in the backline it’s full of stars; to learn off Liam Duggan and Tom Cole, really great young leaders. To have Shannon Hurn, Tom Barrass and Jeremy McGovern back there, I have been able to learn so much off them and hopefully I can continue to do so and apply some of their craft to my football.”

I love it here at West Coast. We have a young core group ... striving for success so I’m really keen to see what the future holds

- Callum Jamieson

For Jamieson, who carried a large portion of the ruck responsibility in the absence of dual Club Champion Nic Naitanui last year, he’s thrilled to get the chance to build on a strong foundation until at least the end of 2025.

“I’m really grateful,” he said. “Personally, I don’t think I’m anywhere near my best footy so I’m keen to get to work, keep learning, keep developing and get towards my best football as soon as possible.

“I love it here at West Coast. We have a young core group who are eager to learn and are striving for success so I’m really keen to see what the future holds and excited to be a part of that.

“This has been my first full pre-season. I have had a few niggles in the past and a few injuries, so it has been good to get a full pre-season under way. I’m excited to get stuck into 2023 and hopefully that can hold me in good stead.

“Nic is a wealth of knowledge and it’s so good to learn off one of the great ruckmen in the comp. Mark Nicoski is my mental coach and in the ruck department Ryan Turnbull has had a massive part in my development in the last couple of years.”