The temperature gauge hit 31 degrees as the West Coast Eagles’ training commenced just after 8:00am on Friday, further climbing to a staggering 40 degrees by mid-morning.

The session included two 30-minute match simulation blocks and one 20-minute block, replicating a more in-season style of training.

Sheed sighting

For the first time since sustaining a foot injury late last year, experienced midfielder Dom Sheed was seen working out, showing positive signs for his rehabilitation. Sheed spent time doing some light warmup and stretching drills on the track before proceeding to the Perth Football Club grandstand to incorporate some stair movements.  

Jack Darling competes in the air.

Darling gets it done

Premiership forward Jack Darling reinforced his famed goal-kicking prowess, kicking three goals in the first 15 minutes of match simulation, four goals in total. Darling was a damaging target, taking multiple strong markings inside 50 before converting on the scoreboard. He applied great pressure around the contest and was moving well around the ground.

Brockman backs himself in

Following an impressive goal kicking display in Monday’s session, Tyler Brockman was one of the standouts in today’s match simulation. Spending his time between the forward line and the midfield, Brockman kicked three goals, one on the run after he smothered a kick-in from inside attacking 50, and two from set shots.

Tyler Brockman

Maric has moves

Mid-season draftee Ryan Maric had a good session in front of goal, complimenting the forward line combination that included Darling, Jack Williams and Oscar Allen. Maric eagerly showed off his speed and craftiness, kicking one goal and laying some tough, momentum-changing tackles during game play.