The carnival’s new Warlawuurru title translates to “Eagle” in Martu language and aims to further strengthen the Club’s connection to the region.

To acknowledge both the current and original custodians of the region, Martu and Nyiyaparli Elders were consulted when the carnival’s new title was put forward.

With the agreed upon Warlawuurru name being Martu language, members of the Nyiyaparli community will carry out the Welcome to Country to recognise both cultures at the carnival on April 12.

Newman Youth Engagement Coordinator Brendon Daily played a pivotal role alongside key stakeholders in the East Pilbara to give the carnival a unique name, highlighting its significance in deepening the connection between the Club and the region.

“Working directly with Ngurra Kujungka Program Manager Mike McMonigal, community Elders were approached to seek their approval for the new name and they were really positive about it which is great,” Daily said.

“By renaming the carnival we recognise where we are in the regions and the proud First Nations culture that exists, whilst also further entrenching the West Coast Eagles as strong members of the community as well."

The Warlawuurru Cup has grown year on year, with a team from Exmouth officially becoming the fourth regional community to join the carnival and help build an even stronger competition in 2024.

Alongside over 30 stakeholders in the Newman and wider Pilbara community, the West Coast Eagles look to provide young male and female players from across the region with the opportunity to represent their local communities in what is for some, the only structured age-appropriate carnival for the year.

“The carnival is in it’s third year now so it’s becoming a big event on the Newman community calendar," Daily said.

“To be able to introduce the Exmouth Eagles Junior Football Club as the fourth team, it gives boys from Newman, the Western Desert and Tom Price and Paraburdoo the opportunity to come up against competition from a region they would otherwise not experience.

“With additional teams taking part in the carnival this year we’re actually having to extend the day to fit in more games, so the momentum is definitely building.”

The growth of female football across the Pilbara region is also evident, with two full female teams expected in comparison to the 20 girls in total that attended last year’s carnival.

“With a real drive on female footy I’m also confident we will get good representation of girls from all regions to be able to showcase their skills and provide them their chance to shine on the Capricorn Oval stage,” Daily said.

Thanks to the support of Youth Engagement Partner BHP, the West Coast Eagles will continue to work alongside a wide variety of stakeholders across the Pilbara region to provide football opportunities to young people.