The WAFL Eagles suffered a disappointing 92-point loss at the hands of West Perth on Saturday at Pentanet Stadium.

“Really disappointing day, to West Perth’s credit, they were tougher than us in the contest and worked harder than us with ball in hand,” Senior coach Kyal Horsley said.

“A couple of shining lights, Reagan Hutchinson played his first game and kicked his first goal with his first kick, so that was a real highlight for the group.

“Fellow debutant Revis Alone, very similar, first kick as well and first goal and it was great to see the two groups unite around the two young men and was a real highlight from what was a tough day.”

Revis Alone

Top Three

Tyler Mouritz

“Tyler Mouritz had a job on Scaife and he was diligent all game, executed really well and kept him to five touches, and the goal Scaife got was when Tyler was on someone else, so really pleasing game”

Shannon Lucassen

“Milky, he just competes every week, he gives his all in every contest. He was rewarded with two goals and gave one off to the debutant Revis Alone. He’s always team-first and tries as hard as anyone.”

Jai Culley

“A good step forward on his build back from his knee injury. He was physical inside, used the ball really well and showed his point of difference in marking contests and was also rewarded with two goals, so a nice step forward for Jai.”

Jai Culley

AFL Listed Players

Harry Edwards

“Tough day for Harry. The ball was coming in quickly and he had a hard match up against Keitel, who is a focal point of West Perth’s forward line. He competed hard but Keitel probably got the better of the contest in the end, but there’s only so much you can do when the supply is coming in like that.”

Andrew Gaff

“Battled really hard, laid five tackled and worked as hard as anyone in the contest and the clearance and covered the ground well for us on a tough day.”

Andrew Gaff

Clay Hall

“Solid game from Clay, he worked hard in the midfield battle and ended up with four clearances and a few tackles. His work rate around the ground defensively and offensively was evident all game.”

Jordyn Baker

“Solid game from Bakes, it was a tough day playing on West Perth’s high half-forwards as they were getting up and ripping back really hard. But you could see Bakes competing and bumper-barring and trying everything to stop them, and used the ball well in offense for us, strong game from him.”

Loch Rawlinson

“Tough day as a forward but Loch never stopped trying and competing. He got up and down the ground and connected for us and didn’t get as much reward as he should have, but that happens when you play that role.”

Loch Rawlinson

Archer Reid

“It was a step forward for Arch, we can really see him growing. He had a real presence around the ground, and while he didn’t take any big marks, you can see him getting closer and closer to them and he’s going to be a real handful (for opposition) in the future.”

Coen Livingstone

“Another step forward for big Coen, led the ruck for us, competed hard and ended up with 21 hitouts and four clearances and you could see his work around the ground. He was trying as hard as he can.”

Coen Livingstone

Coby Burgiel

“Second week on the wing for Burger. You could see his intent to get back and support and squeeze the game, which was an improvement from last week. He didn’t use the ball as well as he normally does, but I know with his skill level going forward, it will be a real weapon for us and for him.”