Name: Emma Swanson

Instagram: @Swanny_17

Twitter: @Swanny_WCE

Occupation: HR recruiter

Position: Mid/back

Football achievements: 2017 Marquee player (GWS Giants), 4x B&F Peel Thunder, 1x B&F East Fremantle, 2011-2013 U18 All Australian, 2017 GWS Vice Captain

What excites you most about being an inaugural Eagle? I’m excited to represent such a family-oriented club and share that with my own family!

Which teammate are you most looking forward to playing with? I'm looking forward to playing with Alicia Janz. She is a character off the field but someone who you’d walk taller knowing when she is on the field.

The toughest AFLW opponent you’ve encountered? Emma Kearny

Pre-game meal? Crumpets with banana and honey before a game, but Pizza the night before

Game day superstitions? None, thank God.

Wost injury? Shoulder. I tore a ligament in round two, 2018 that required a full laterjet shoulder reconstruction

Hobby? I love reading and walking along the beach with my pups

Favourite holiday spot? North West WA!

What’s your spirit animal? Shark

Favourite band? Fleetwood Mac

Favourite TV series? Stranger Things or Animal Kingdom at the moment

Something you can’t live without? Water