The first round of the NAB AFL Draft is done, with 21 youngsters finding new homes last night.

There were four live pick swaps and two Academy bids matched, which resulted in plenty of movement in the draft order.

West Coast is now armed with picks 47, 72, 77, 80 for the rest of the draft, which will get underway at 4pm AWST today.

Take a look at all the picks before the second round of the draft kicks off this afternoon.

Club-by-club draft picks
ADEL6, 24, 25, 39, 46, 76, 79
BL23, 31, 36, 63
CARL17, 20, 44, 70, 81
COLL37, 49, 56, 84
ESS33, 35, 57, 59
FRE7, 8, 9, 67, 82, 86, 88
GEEL16, 19, 26, 38
GCFC1, 2, 11, 62, 66
GWS4, 10, 73, 85, 87, 89, 90
HAW13, 43, 50, 53, 58, 64
MELB3, 12, 30, 74, 78
NMFC28, 29, 32, 48
PORT14, 18, 22, 55, 60, 61, 83
RICH21, 40, 41, 42, 54
STK51, 69, 75
SYD5, 27, 34, 45, 65, 68
WCE47, 72, 77, 80
WB15, 52, 71
Future picks

- Round one pick (tied to GWS)
- Round two pick (tied to Western Bulldogs)
- Round three pick (tied to Collingwood, on-traded by Fremantle)
- Round four pick (tied to Gold Coast)

- Round three pick to Western Bulldogs
BL- Round one pick (tied to Port Adelaide)
- Round two pick (tied to Collingwood)
- Round two pick to Gold Coast
- Round four pick to Gold Coast
CARL - Round four pick to Adelaide
COLL- Round two pick (tied to St Kilda, on-traded by Fremantle)
- Round three pick (tied to Essendon, on-traded by Brisbane)
- Round four pick (tied to St Kilda, on-traded by Fremantle)
- Round two pick to Brisbane
- Round three pick to Fremantle
ESS- Round three pick to Brisbane
FRE- Round two pick (tied to Melbourne)- Round two pick to Port Adelaide
- Round three pick to St Kilda
- Round four pick to Melbourne
GEEL- Round one pick (tied to West Coast)
- Round three pick (tied to Gold Coast, on-traded by Adelaide)
- Round three pick to West Coast
GCFC- Round two pick (tied to Brisbane)
- Round four pick (tied to Brisbane)

- Round three pick to Adelaide
- Round four pick to Adelaide

GWS- Round three pick (tied to North Melbourne)- Round one pick to Adelaide
- Round four selection to Adelaide
HAW- Round two pick (tied to North Melbourne)- Round two pick to Melbourne

- Round two pick (tied to Hawthorn)
- Round four pick (tied to Carlton, on-traded by Fremantle, Adelaide)
- Round four pick (tied to Fremantle)

- Round one pick to North Melbourne
- Round two pick to Fremantle
- Round four pick to Hawthorn

NMFC- Round one pick (tied to Melbourne)
- Round four pick (tied to Melbourne, on-traded by GWS, Hawthorn) 
- Round two pick to Hawthorn
- Round three pick to Greater Western Sydney

- Round two pick (tied to Fremantle)
- Round three pick (tied to St Kilda)
- Round four pick (tied to GWS, on-traded by Adelaide)

- Round one pick to Brisbane
- Round four pick to St Kilda
STK- Round four pick (tied to Port Adelaide)
- Round four pick (tied to Sydney)
- Round two pick to Fremantle
- Round three pick to Port Adelaide
- Round four pick to Fremantle
SYD- Round three pick (tied to Fremantle, on-traded by St Kilda)- Round four pick to St Kilda
WCE- Round three pick (tied to Geelong)- Round one pick to Geelong
WB- Round three pick (tied to Adelaide)- Round two pick to Adelaide