Thanks to the participation of fans attending our 2019 Rethink your Waste game and with the help of our waste warrior volunteers, contamination of recycling bins at Optus Stadium was reduced from 52% to 16%* a reduction of 36% (*% volume in public areas)

The world is facing a waste epidemic, which is evident right here in Western Australia. Compared with other Australian states, WA is the second largest generator of waste in Australia and the second worst recycler, so as a state we need to start changing our ways.

Many of the players, coaches and staff at the Eagles are passionate about this issue and want to try and make a positive impact. Venturing into sustainability is new for the club, so this is just the beginning, but we are hoping that by declaring our intention to be more sustainable in terms of waste management and showing our fans the journey we are taking, it will help convince them to do it with us.

If we can help educate our 600,000+ fans to be more conscious of their recycling habits it could make a massive difference to WA's environment.


Rethink your Waste 2018

Our inaugural Rethink Your Waste match day was a resounding success.


The blue and gold army responded to our call to action and left Optus Stadium looking as clean as it has ever been following our round 22 clash with Melbourne.

This year we want to set ourselves a new challenge and we need your help! Our aim is to reduce the contamination of yellow co-mingled recycling bins at the game.

By reducing the contamination of Optus Stadium’s yellow bins (and yours at home), waste items can be recovered and made into something new rather than end up in landfill.

This year’s call to action is simple and catchy:

Do the right thing, use the right bin.

Don’t forget to remove lids and any food/drink residue left inside containers.

Items that CAN go in the stadium’s YELLOW bins include:

  • Plastic bottles (no lid)
  • Plastic cups
  • Cup trays
  • Paper bags (if clean from food and drink residue)
  • Cardboard Chip buckets (if clean from food residue and oils)
  • Aluminium cans
  • Glass bottles
  • Cardboard boxes and clams (if free from food scraps, sauce and oils – remove coloured paper lining)

Items that CAN’T go in the stadium’s YELLOW bins are:

  • Plastic bags
  • Chocolate wrappers
  • All food scraps
  • Coffee cups and lid
  • Soft plastic wrappers
  • Cardboard trays, paper bags and chip buckets contaminated with food, oils and sauce
  • Round food buckets
  • Paper lining from food trays
  • Ice cream buckets

If you’re unsure whether an item should go in a yellow bin, follow our mantra:

If in doubt, leave it out (and use the general waste RED bins)

Look out for volunteers wearing green Rethink Your Waste t-shirts at Optus Stadium on Saturday. They’ll be armed with all the answers to your recycling questions!

Check out these top tips from the club’s sustainability consultants W.R.I.T.E Solutions Australia – who will be helping us at the game and reporting back on how we do.