West Coast Eagles spearhead Josh Kennedy likes to keep things simple.

That’s why he has set himself the same goal for the past 14 years: To be the most consistent key forward he can be.

And in spite of having his first surgery-free summer for several years, that will again be Kennedy’s ambition in 2020.

“It's the same as every year that I’ve played football, just trying to be a consistent key forward,” Kennedy said.

“It’s something that I try to hold on to.

“I pretty much (judge myself) on my opportunities that I have, whether I kick them or not. Sometimes you can have 10 opportunities on goal and you can kick 10 goals straight. Sometimes you can have no opportunities, which is the real disappointment.

“I go on how many opportunities I can try and create for myself or for the team to kick a goal. That’s kind of what I go on.”

Josh Kennedy has not skipped a beat this pre-season

Contrary to reports, Kennedy said he probably wasn’t having the best pre-season of his career to date.

That’s not to say the two-time Coleman medallist isn’t having a good crack at it this summer, rather him acknowledging that the 32-year-old version of himself cannot churn out the same amount of work that his former self could.

“I’m 32. I know there have been (people) who have reported that I’ve said that I’m flying. I’m definitely not flying,” an upfront Kennedy said.

“And (they’ve said) it’s the best pre-season I’ve ever had. It’s definitely not the best pre-season I’ve ever had because I’m 32 years old.

“I’m at that stage where it’s just been nice to do all the training, being out there with the boys instead of sitting up there in the cardio room looking out the window.

“It’s been nice to just train Monday and Fridays and kind of at a lower level on Wednesdays.

“It’s just been good to be a part of everything since day one.”