West Coast’s inaugural AFLW campaign might have ended in unusual circumstances, but that hasn’t stopped the club from starting planning for next year.

Eagles head of female football Adam Selwood said his staff had already turned their attention to getting ready for the club’s second AFLW campaign after completing a thorough review of its maiden season.

“The season came to an abrupt end, but in saying that the safety and health of our players and staff is most important,” he said.

“We reviewed the season after everything finished up. We did a collective review of what just happened and then we had 30 minutes with each player to break down their season in terms of their development, what they achieved and their focus areas going forward. That’s not only football, but also strength, conditioning and some other bigger components of our program too.

“The girls have had a few weeks’ rest and they’re about to start on their remote and development programs. We will keep checking in on a weekly basis to make sure that they are completing that and we look forward to building an academy program later in the year once we get back to the club and get to train together again.”

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Preparing for season 2021 could seem like an impossible task for some given the uncertainty within the industry at present.

As it stands today the WAFLW competition is on hold until at least the end of May and that postponement could be extended due to the ever-evolving COVID-19 pandemic.

But Selwood said that was hardly a reason to put his feet up and not look forward.

“Regardless of whether there is a WAFLW season or not, we will make sure our players are improving and their programs are tailored to those improvement areas,” he said.

“In terms of recruitment and drafting, those conversations are always ongoing. We have been scouting with Chad Morrison, our head recruiter, for the last six months in the AFLW and we have been keeping a close eye on the next wave of talent that is coming through in Western Australia.

“As disappointing as it might be if there isn’t a WAFLW season, we think we’re in a pretty strong position in regards to planning and being ready strengthen our list and become a more competitive outfit in 2021.”