Height: 183cm
Weight: 89kg
Pos: Midfielder
From: Claremont

Inside word:

West Coast recruited Alec Waterman in October's father-son selection meeting with its final pick in the 2014 national draft.

A hard-working on-baller who accumulates possessions, Waterman played five games for Western Australia at the mid-year NAB AFL Under-18 Championships.

Listed at 182cm and 88kg, he produced a standout performance in the second round of the championships when he gathered 35 touches against Vic Metro.

His father, Chris Waterman, enjoyed a terrific career for the Eagles, including the club's 1992 and 1994 flags.

Chris, who played 177 matches between 1988-98, believes his son has earned his selection through hard work.

"It's good for him because he's worked hard for it," Chris Waterman said.

"Growing up with that shadow hanging over him, he's had to put up with a lot of sniggering behind his back and comments like 'he only gets this because of his name or his old man'. So the fact he's been chosen on his merits is terrific for him."

Rohan O'Brien says:

"Alec has been a bit of a bonus. We thought during the year that the price we would have to pay for Alec may be a little bit more than what it was, albeit understanding it's hard for clubs to commit in the middle rounds of the draft so to get him where we did was terrific. We think he's played well on a wing, he's been very good through the midfield and being a young club, to get father-sons is terrific for the tradition and future."