“We were really pleased with how the boys competed for three of the four quarters,” senior coach Daniel Pratt said.

“We just lost our way a bit in the second quarter, playing the current Premiers, if you lost your way a little bit they can hurt you, which they did.

“In the second quarter it was seven goals to one behind, but after halftime the boys dug in again and were able to compete pretty well.”

Xavier O’Neill

24 disposals, six tackles, 10 inside 50s

Had a really good game, working really hard on his game, and the feedback he’s getting from his coaches he’s implementing on gameday.

Mark Hutchings

21 disposals, four tackles, four inside 50s

Looked better again, it was his second run under his belt. He’s getting closer to being fully fit.

Zane Trew

20 disposals, five tackles, three inside 50s

Probably his best game he’s had for the year. Looked really dangerous in offence and was really good around the contest.

Brayden Ainsworth

17 disposals, three marks, three tackles

Developing well and working hard on his game. 

Luke Foley

16 disposals, seven marks, three tackles

Across half-back, had some good moments and leading that backline quite well.

Zac Langdon

15 disposals, four tackles, one goal

Had a goal, played a bit through the mid and half-forward for most of the day. Took his opportunity when he got it.

Ben Johnson

14 disposals, one mark, one tackle

Had some good attacking moments and handball receives off half-back.

Harry Edwards

13 disposals, nine marks, one inside 50

Had a bit of a slow start in the contest, but as the game went on started to really dominate the air in the back half.

Luke Edwards

12 disposals, one mark, one inside 50

Only played a half, but was pretty solid when he did. When he was with us he played wing and midfield and then was a traveller for the AFL game.

Nathan Vardy

33 hitouts, nine marks, one tackle

Had a good battle with Brock Higgins, pretty even battle for the day. Had seven clearances for the day.

Callum Jamieson

Seven marks, two tackles 12 disposals

Played ruck, forward and back, we were really happy with how he was down back, so we’ll continue to look at the options for him with his development.