Age: 17
Height: 167cm
Position: Outside Midfielder
Recruited from: Peel Thunder WAFLW

Draft bio:

Rowley was Western Australia’s top ranked midfielder in this year’s AFLW Academy, and is a classy talent who possesses a combination of speed and skill which will make her an extremely damaging player in the Eagles’ engine room. Rowley lines up mostly on the outside, but played onball in the AFL Women’s Under 19 Championships and took home more than nine tackles per game, alongside an average of 22.7 disposals and 95.7 fantasy points.

What AFLW list manager Jordan Loxley had to say:

“Probably the best performed player in this year’s WA draft pool, a real high possession winner who can find the ball inside and outside of the contest. Can also go forward and kick goals. Another really high quality person, who we think can impact at some stage throughout the course of next season.”