Name and Nickname: Grace Kelly "Gelly".

What’s one word to describe you? Forgetful! :P

How did you become an Eagle? Through an international recruitment agency called CrossCoders.

Favourite NEW teammate so far? I am currently in Hotel Quarantine and haven’t met our new teammates in person yet so I can’t choose haha! They all seem lovely and can’t wait to meet them all!

What is your favourite game day song? Run this Town- Jay-Z.

What is your favourite thing to eat the night before or the day of a match? I always have an English muffin, peanut butter (NOT MARMITE!), jam and a banana before every match.

Do you have any game day superstitions and if so, what? Just to HYDRATE looaaads and lather on the sunscreen!! I also have to take 2 Salt Tablets before each quarter of a game haha.. It’s so hot here compared to Ireland!!

Personal goal for 2022? Enjoyment and Consistency.

Who was your favourite player as a kid? I didn’t grow up watching AFL in Ireland as a kid but my favourite Gaelic footballer as a kid was Ciaran McDonald from where I live in County Mayo.

What player has had the biggest influence on your career? Hooks – She’s an athlete, hard-working, modest and how she juggles her family, work and football life is admirable!

What’s your favourite sport that isn’t AFL? Gaelic football.

What is your favourite football memory so far? Our first ever AFLW win with West Coast Eagles in our inaugural season was special!

If you could be another player for a week, who would it be? Parris Laurie – she’s a barrel of laughs!

If you could attend any sporting event in the world, what would it be? The Olympics so I could watch all different types of sports and athletes.

Favourite off-season hobby? Don’t really have an off-season playing AFLW and Gaelic haha! But I enjoy Brunchin’ if that’s a hobby lol!

If they were going to make a movie based on your life, who would play you? Emma Watson.

Name three famous people you’d invite over for dinner? Kobe Bryant, Michelle Obama, Jennifer Lopez.

What would you name your boat if you had one?  The Kelly Klassic :P

What’s your favourite Perth café or restaurant? WOW that’s a tough one... there are so many! I’ll go with Little Sisto in Doubleview... YUM! 😊

Tomato sauce in the fridge, yes or no? No thank you!