Dear Members

Let me start by saying I hope you and those around you are keeping well. To anyone who has been affected by Covid, I trust you have or are making a full recovery.

At our season launch, I said our team had faced many challenges during the pre-season. Unfortunately, this has continued to be the case. Some of these challenges may have been avoidable while others less so.

As a board, one of our key roles is to support management in determining what we can control and ensure measures are put in place to address, and where possible, anticipate issues impacting our club.

We also need to make certain our club maintains its strategic direction which includes not only on-field, but also off-field success, and most importantly our desire to have a positive impact on our community.

The execution of this is entrusted to our very capable team, led by our CEO Trevor Nisbett.

Trevor and those around him have done a wonderful job leading our club through one of the most difficult periods in the history of the AFL.  As a club we are aware of the challenges ahead and what needs to be done to address them. We absolutely support Trevor and his staff as they continue to give their all to our club during this time.

We also have an excellent coach in Adam Simpson. Along with his assistants, support staff and players, I can assure you that they are both realistic about what needs to be done and are also determined to work extremely hard to ensure our team is set up for sustained future success.

This will include the rebuild of our list with a heavy focus on the AFL draft, just as we did last year when we focused on young talent drafting Campbell Chesser, Brady Hough, Rhett Bazzo, Jack Williams and the mature-aged Greg Clark.

Unfortunately Campbell, who had everyone excited in pre-season, suffered a serious ankle injury in the first warm-up game against Fremantle but we expect him to have a long career in the blue and gold. Rhett is the only player we have not seen in senior football, but if he can sustain his form and stay healthy we hope to see him in the second half of the year.

Finally, as a supporter, I too get disappointed at the results we are currently having on field after enjoying many years of success, even premierships. But now is the time I will be ensuring I also celebrate those small wins, including the development of players and game style as we work towards our next period of success.

I can assure you we are a strong club, we are a loyal club and we are a united club - just as we have been for our 35 years.

On behalf of everyone in the Eagles Family, thank you for your passionate support.

Go Eagles!

Warm Regards

Russell Gibbs