Wilbur McHugh ran the race of his life on Saturday morning, the chocolate Border Collie securing the Stevie Simpson Cup victory for himself and proud owner Rohan McHugh, West Coast Eagles Head Coach of Academies and AFLW Assistant Coach.

A happy Wilbur after his win.

It was perfect dog racing conditions at Floreat Dog Beach, the sun was shining, a light breeze blowing through the fluffy coats of approximately 25 well-behaved pooches who participated in one of the Eagle’s biggest annual events.

And they're off!

Reigning Stevie Simpson Cup champion Barney Jamieson, a young long haired German Shepherd, and his owner Callum, looked in impressive form once again, attempting to become the first back-to-back winners in the Cup’s eight-year history.

Winston and Pippa Yeo, two sprightly Border Collies, and their owner Elliot, all looked to have a tonne of energy in the warmup and were definitely recognised as strong competitors early.

Winston Yeo gets warmed up.

But it was the speed, agility and focus of two-year-old Wilbur that got the job done, crossing the finish line first and in elite fashion, then digging multiple holes in the sand to celebrate.

Wilbur and Rohan McHugh, 2024 Stevie Simpson Cup winners.

Wilbur lapped up the attention from fellow racers, onlookers and the media, with Rohan sharing that Wilbur will have a relaxing afternoon at home ahead of him, complete with some special treats, his favourite treat being cheese.

The West Coast Eagles and their prized pups.