West Coast Eagles ruckman Matt Flynn has today undergone surgery to repair a detached tendon where his hamstring meets the knee.

Flynn sustained the injury in a routine ruck drill in Friday’s captain’s run leading into the match simulation against Fremantle.

Flynn jumped into a ruck bag towards the end of a light session and complained of pain around his knee and upper shin. He was sent for scans and then scheduled for surgery to expedite his rehabilitation and recovery.

“This is a really unique injury that experienced medical staff have rarely seen,” said General Manager Football Gavin Bell. “There have only been a couple of other cases similar to Matt’s injury in recent AFL history.

“Post surgery he will be on crutches for a short while before starting his recovery. The expected time before his return to play is between 10 and 12 weeks. Because of the unusual nature of the injury, unfortunately, we cannot be any more specific but look forward to a fit and healthy Matt returning to the field.”