Name: Emily Bonser

Nickname: Bons or Bonza

Instagram: embonza

Occupation: Health and Physical Education Teacher

Position: Midfielder

Football achievements: 3x Premiership player with Swan Districts, WA Opens State Player, WA 23’s Vice Captain, Inaugural AFLW Fremantle Player, Claremont WAFLW Vice Captain, Claremont WFC 2019 Fairest and Best Player

What excites you most about being an inaugural Eagle? Building a special bond with the other girls who are also sharing the experience of being an inaugural West Coast player

Which teammate are you most looking forward to playing with? Danika Pisconeri. We work together and live together but have never played on the same team together! I rate her work ethic, skills and she’s just a great human overall, so I’m looking forward to working on a strong ruck – mid connection with her.

The toughest AFLW opponent you’ve encountered? I haven’t played an AFLW game yet, but I have been hit by Chelsea Randall at training once. I was left winded and bruised for a week!

Pre-game meal? Not fussed, although it’s probably some sort of pasta and lots of veggies

Game day superstitions? I prefer to get a bit of run in the legs/a jog the morning of the game day

Wost injury? Bilateral ACL rupture (Both left and right ruptured at the same time)

Hobby? Music, flowers, plants and design

Favourite holiday spot? Dunsborough/Margaret River

What’s your spirit animal? Probably something little and family orientated like a meerkat or an otter

Favourite band? DVSN or Miguel

Favourite TV series? The American Office or The Unbreakable Kimmy Smit

Something you can’t live without? Music