Age: 19
Height: 188cm
Weight: 74kg
Position: Forward

Draft bio:

The medium forward can count a high work rate, contested marking, a penetrating kick and clean hands as his standout attributes. The former state underage 400m-1500m medallist also has a strong athletic profile. Impressed for Western Australia in the NAB AFL Under-18 Championships by averaging 17.3 disposals and 3.3 marks over three matches.

What he said:

"It’s great, obviously growing up being an Eagles’ supporter in WA. I couldn’t be happier to join the club."

"I was just at home with the family; mum, dad, the brothers and my girlfriend. We were watching on Fox, then when it got to the pick, the name got called out, and yeah, we were all happy. Honestly, it was a big relief."

"I would describe myself as a bit of a taller midfielder, a running midfielder with a good endurance base. I think I've got a good right foot kick and can float forward and kick a few goals. In an AFL team I might have to start on a wing first but I would love to progress into the midfield in the years to come."

"Obviously coming into the draft I just wanted to hear my name read out, that’s all I was aiming for wherever that was. Lucky enough it was here at home with the Eagles. And now coming into the Eagles, I'll just be trying to put pressure on the top players I guess, and try to maybe, in the first year, a goal would be to get a game."