Age: 18
Height: 185cm
Weight: 80kg
Position: Midfielder

Draft bio:

Midfielder who wins a good balance of contested and uncontested ball. Has speed and agility, which is prominent at stoppages and can push forward to use his goal sense to impact the scoreboard. Had a consistent year with the Chargers, winning a lot of footy across the year. Finished joint-first in the kicking test at the recent NAB AFL Draft Combine.

What he said:

“I’m just stoked to be given the opportunity. I can’t wait to get over to Perth and get stuck into it. It’s pretty crazy at the moment.”

“I was just at home in the back room with my family and a few of my best mates. We were actually watching it on Foxtel via the internet. It was a little bit delayed, so about 15 seconds before my name popped up I started getting a ton of messages. I had a bit of an inkling that I might be off to West Coast, but I didn’t know if it was a stitch up or not. Thankfully I knew it was true when my name was read out and everyone just went nuts. They were all hugging me. It was pretty crazy.”

“They’ve obviously just won a premiership, so it’s a pretty good list and it’ll be tough to crack into the senior team. But I’m just looking forward to training in a professional environment with the leaders like Shannon Hurn, Luke Shuey and obviously Dommy Sheed, the match-winner. I’m looking forward to the challenge, being able to move somewhere new and getting a bit of independence too. It’s really exciting.”

“My preferred position would probably be a midfielder, but I’ve pretty much been thrown around everywhere. My strengths would probably be my versatility, my speed and my ball use, as well as my balance of contested and uncontested ball. I think I can be a pretty fierce tackler too.”