Age: 18
Height: 180cm
Weight: 65
Position: Defender
Recruited from: West Perth

Draft bio:

Medium defender who showed speed and a powerful long kick. Playing for Western Australia in their winning team in this year’s 2019 NAB AFL Under-18 Championships, he averaged 13.5disposals. With an average of 23 disposals he progressed from Under 18 level in WAFL to make his debut at senior level for West Perth late in the year.

Under 18 Championships:

Games: 4
Disposals: 54
Kicks: 9.3 (average)
Handballs: 4.3 (average)
Contested possessions: 3.5 (average)

What he said:

“I was sitting at home (watching the draft) with my mum and dad and uncle and aunty; first of all I just balled up in tears. Everyone else just started screaming with their hands in the air. Tears started rushing down everyone’s face and they all came in for a hug, really."

“We’ve always been West Coast supporters, so it’s a dream come true."

“I went to school at Sacred Heart and he (Callum Jamieson) went to school at Newman College. We have some mutual friends, so we already knew each other before the state (under-18s) carnival started. We were both added into the team, we weren’t originally in the team, so we both had to fight for our spots."

“Over the journey of the state program we’ve really gelled together and become decent friends."

“He’s awesome in the air, he loves taking a good pack mark, he’s quite versatile for his size as well. For a big man he can move really well in and around the contest."

“I would say I’m a wingman or half-back, so when I get the ball I run and create and use my leg, particularly up the ground I’m a penetrating kick. I can get involved on the scoreboard as well. That’s probably the bonus, but I like to pride myself on my one-on-one defending as well. I like to contain my forwards to no goals and no disposals, if that’s possible."

“Obviously meeting Adam Simpson the coach will be awesome and then like Elliot Yeo, Luke Shuey and Tim Kelly – they’ve been my favourite AFL players, so it will be awesome to finally meet them.”