Name: Mikayla Bowen

Instagram: mikaylaabowen

Occupation: Carpentry apprentice

Position: Midfielder/small forward

Football achievements: 2016 Swan Districts B&F, 2017 Swan Districts Youth Girls Premiership Captain, 2019 WA State 18s Captain, 2019 All Australian

What excites you most about being an inaugural Eagle? The fact that we get to make our own mark on the competition. I’ve been a die hard fan since I can remember - so it’s a dream come true to be a part of the inaugural AFLW Eagles side!

Which teammate are you most looking forward to playing with? Dana Hooker

The toughest AFLW opponent you’ve encountered? Again, Dana Hooker!

Pre-game meal? Smoothie and Salad/Spaghetti

Game day superstitions? Don’t believe in superstitions

Wost injury? Stress fractures in right knee

Hobby? Beach lover, woodwork and new cars!

Favourite holiday spot? Queensland or down south

What’s your spirit animal? Lion

Favourite band? Drake

Favourite TV series? Modern Family

Something you can’t live without? Family. (And food!!!!!!)