Several Eagles who went under the surgeon’s knife before Christmas are back running around Mineral Resources Park and building their way up to full fitness.

A quartet of quality big men – Nathan Vardy, Oscar Allen, Jeremy McGovern and Tom Barrass – have resumed training following some time on the sidelines during the festive season.

West Coast senior physiotherapist Paul Tucker said the four tall timbers were steadily increasing their training loads.

“Nathan had some surgery on his ankle, a minor cleanout, pre-Christmas. He is now back on ground and doing some rehab running,” Tucker said.

“Oscar’s hernia repair was also pre-Christmas and, fairly similarly to Nathan, he’s back on ground doing his running rehab at the moment.

“Jeremy is also recovering well from his pre-Christmas (heel) surgery. He’s been on ground for the last couple of weeks and is just looking at progressing through his rehab program.

“Tom’s been out on ground for a couple more weeks (than) Gov and we’re hoping that Tommy will be joining in some form of training within the next week or so.”

Another towering Eagle, Tom Hickey, is working his way up to top gear after injuring his calf at training recently.

Tucker hoped the 201cm ruckman would return to the training track next week.

“Hickey had a calf complaint a couple of weeks ago, so he is also now building through his rehab program and we are hopeful to see him out on the ground next week,” Tucker offered.

Meanwhile, versatile utility Brendon Ah Chee has been powering through a demanding gym program in his bid to bounce back from a knee ailment.

Tucker said the 26-year-old’s hard work had paid off and he expected to see him running around with his teammates on Friday.

“Ah Chee did also have some post-Christmas surgery,” Tucker said.

“He’s been going along pretty well and our expectation at this stage is to see him out on the training track with the boys tomorrow.”