The West Coast Eagles have produced four Reconciliation Action Plans (RAP) during its history.

We are currently working with Reconciliation Australia on our fifth RAP. We anticipate this process to be completed late 2023.

The RAP Committee is made up of a cross section of the Club’s Departments, AFL and AFLW players and two external representatives – Collene Castle and Andrew Beck.

Collene Castle
Collene Castle is a strong Menang Ngundju Noongar leader. She is a highly experienced Human Resource Manager with excellent skills and knowledge in Workplace Inclusivity and Diversity, Indigenous stakeholder engagement, training/job readiness, Indigenous employment and partnership arrangements. Collene is currently a Director of Wonnil Partners and has previously worked with Water Corporation, Polytechnic West and Office of Aboriginal Economic Development.

Andrew Beck
Andrew Beck is a proud Ngadju Mirning Noongar man. He has worked in the field of Education for over 20 years, currently as Aboriginal Education Consultant with the AISWA Future Footprints program. Andrew is an active member of the local community; serving on multiple boards. He is a Yidaki player and a leader of cultural change.

The Waalitj Foundation was founded by the West Coast Eagles in 2005. Pronounced ‘wah-li-ch’, the new name means eagle in Noongar language. Until 2022 the Waalitj Foundation shared a RAP with West Coast Eagles, they are currently working on their own independent RAP. Both organisations will continue to be highly collaborative and share their homes together at Mineral Resources Park in Lathlain.

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