Brayden Ainsworth

33 disposals, three marks, eight tackles

Had a pretty solid day up until three-quarter time, was a testament to his effort and work rate. Really pleasing for him.

Ben Johnson

24 disposals, two marks, three tackles

Kept up his current form, provided some good run from behind. Finished with a nice goal.

Xavier O’Neill

23 disposals, four marks, eight tackles

Really happy with how he competed around the contest, had a slow start, but the way he cracked in and hunted the ball after quarter-time was reflected in our clearance dominance.

Isiah Winder

17 disposals, one mark, two tackles

Strong performance when he had possession, continuing to build on a solid campaign after an injury earlier in the season.

Will Collins

Six disposals, three marks, five tackles

Tough day at the office playing deep back, had some really good moments defensively, but was probably overwhelmed with the weight of supply from Claremont on the day. A good lesson for him against a good opposition.