After completing a five-week mentoring program under inaugural AFLW coach Michelle Cowan, and West Coast club champion Steve Malaxos, Pia Faletti and Kerry O'Sullivan have been offered a permanent position at the Eagles as AFLW development coaches.

O'Sullivan hails from the Football Commission - where she worked as a State Academy coach in the female sphere - and is currently a Strategy, Risk and Special Projects Manager at the Western Australian Cricket Association.

Meanwhile, Faletti has been working at Subiaco as a WAFLW Rogers Cup coach for the last two years, after retiring from the Lions having played 200 matches and captaining the reserves side to a premiership in 2013.

Both coming from different sporting backgrounds, Faletti and O'Sullivan are hopeful to utilise the opportunity post-academy to further their development as coaches at the next level.

"I recognise that my coaching journey is a bit different than others, I came into the game pretty late, but bring knowledge and expertise from my professional life and from other sports," O'Sullivan said.

"So, I'm really keen to think about how I can add value to the program, how I can bring those different perspectives.

"At the same time, the number one is trying to be a better coach and learn as much as possible."

As well as this - through her time in the state program - O'Sullivan has had the opportunity to work personally with the newest batch of draftees at the club, and is excited to further their growth at AFL level.

"I'd had the opportunity to look through Mineral Resources Park with my last job at the football commission, so to have seen it, but then to feel a part of it and a part of the program itself is a completely different feeling," she said.

"Having seen some of the girls come through the State Academy and then get drafted, and then to be here on the night when the draftees were inducted to the club, it just felt really special.

"And that's it for me, being able to be a part of the AFLW program, being able to see the girls develop.

"I have to say, that's one of the best things for me, seeing the girls grow and be the best they can be."

Faletti is also excited by the opportunity to further her experience in the coaching sphere, while utilising her football experience to add a wealth of knowledge and depth to the program.

"I'm here as a bit of a sponge, and where I can, offer advice and use my past skills," she said.

"Obviously Michelle Cowan is a trailblazer for female coaches and females in footy, so it's great having her here and getting her thoughts.

"All the other staff I've met are really committed and devoted and are there for the girls and how to support them best.

"When we started that coaching and mentoring pathway, early on Michelle asked us what our 'why' was and what our purpose was around coaching, and after thinking about that, I did want to explore taking my coaching from State League and State Academy to the next level.

"It's really to grow myself as a coach, and just having other people, other coaches around you that can give you different skills and attributes is the best thing."

The Eagles' Female Coach Academy is delivered in partnership with BHP with the vision to nurture and grow female talent pathways across WA.