Name and Nickname: Commonly known as Gooch or Goochos. Less commonly known as Evie. Evangeline if I’m in trouble…

What’s one word to describe you? Un-fast.

How did you become an Eagle? Through a requested trade.

Favourite NEW teammate so far? Definitely not Emma Swanson. Hard to pick from such a good bunch, but Mikayla Bowen. We are known as Bobo and Googoo. It’s a thing.

What is your favourite game day song? You Are the Music in Me – Troy and Gabriella.

What is your favourite thing to eat the night before or the day of a match? Home made oat pancakes with bananas, strawberries a drizzle of honizzle.

Do you have any game day superstitions and if so, what? My only superstition is following a routine. So I make sure I don’t try and do things the same each week.

Personal goal for 2022? To enjoy my football and smile lots.

Who was your favourite player as a kid? Barry Hall. I know, my family almost disowned me.

What player has had the biggest influence on your career? Don’t want her head to get too big but Alex Williams.

What’s your favourite sport that isn’t AFL? Soccer and CrossFit.

What is your favourite football memory so far? All of it is my favourite. But maybe Swanny’s beanie staying on for the entire session last week. Very impressive. No pins or anything.

If you could be another player for a week, who would it be? Stubbsy, so I can actually meet and hang out with Wally. Wally is her dog.

If you could attend any sporting event in the world, what would it be? The CrossFit Games.

Favourite off-season hobby? Putting off all of my house work and then getting frustrated that it’s not done. Also off road driving and a bit of camping.

If they were going to make a movie based on your life, who would play you? Missy Peregrym.

Name three famous people you’d invite over for dinner? Emma Roberts, Anna Kendrick and Chris Hemsworth. I would also marry Chris just FYI.

What would you name your boat if you had one? Olaf.

What’s your favourite Perth café or restaurant? Misto Café and Chalkys Espresso Bar are a couple of my go-tos.

Tomato sauce in the fridge, yes or no? Negative with a capital NO.