Name and Nickname: Parris – Paz, Pazzzza, Pazanui, Faz, Frenchtrukk.

What’s one word to describe you? Cheeky.

How did you become an Eagle? I was signed by the Eagles in the Inaugural team after a season with Fremantle.

Favourite NEW teammate so far? Schmidty cracks me up and loves to take the mickey as much as I do.

What is your favourite game day song? Any Nickelback song.

What is your favourite thing to eat the night before or the day of a match? The night before I like something higher in carbs but still not super heavy. The morning of I keep pretty light and then post-game I do like to have a little treat (my “treat” is bangers and mash or nachos or something random like that).

Do you have any game day superstitions and if so, what? I try not to but I do tighten my boots right before we run out for our last warm up.

Personal goal for 2022? Give season 2022 everything, then see what happens after that and just to enjoy it all, highs and lows.

Who was your favourite player as a kid? Chris Judd.

What player has had the biggest influence on your career? My brother Jesse, he played for Claremont and was a rookie for Port Adelaide. His work rate, attitude and BTS behaviours/actions were and are incredible and that always pushes me to be better.

What’s your favourite sport that isn’t AFL? Oh Jeeze, there’s too many. Basketball, Tennis, Spikeball! I’m a huge fan of social sports that become overly competitive.

What is your favourite football memory so far? Probably have to say the first ever WCE AFLW win. The happiness I felt and shared with the entire team (staff included) was unbelievable.

If you could be another player for a week, who would it be? Marcus Bontempelli, I’d spend the whole 7 days in front of the mirror!

If you could attend any sporting event in the world, what would it be? A huge-scale Rodeo or a Finals Ice Hockey game.

Favourite off-season hobby? Social Sports and spending time with family & friends, especially down in Denmark.

If they were going to make a movie based on your life, who would play you? I’d like to think Rachel McAdams but it’d probably be more like Jonah Hill.

Name three famous people you’d invite over for dinner? Carl Barron (hilarious), Hamish Blake (hilarious) & Ryan Reynolds (hilarious and good to look at).

What would you name your boat if you had one? ‘HaSchooner Matata’ OR ‘She’ll be right’.

What’s your favourite Perth café or restaurant? There’s honestly too many that I love, I’ve sat on this question for 20 minutes and I still can’t pick a favourite…

Tomato sauce in the fridge, yes or no? No! It makes my food cold. The only time cold tomato sauce is okay, is when it’s paired with a steaming hot meat pie.