The West Coast Eagles have hit the six-figure membership mark for the third successive season.

In a remarkable show of support from the Eagles rusted-on members the club today announced it had passed the 100,000 milestone despite the AFL team managing just one win so far this season.

Only the Eagles and Richmond have broken through that barrier in recent seasons with the clubs clearly leading all others in the membership race.

Senior coach Adam Simpson said today that it was humbling to achieve the milestone for a third consecutive season.         

“Despite the fact of where we are and what we are dealing with – and we know everything is a bit more difficult – to get 100,00 members puts us in the top two with the Tigers and we appreciate everyone’s support.

“I get a lot of feedback on the street, but they are sticking fat with the club and there is a bit of understanding of what we’re going through. They’re pretty loyal, our bunch.”

So loyal, in fact, that the club still boasts 600 members who were part of the small group who committed in its inaugural 1987 season.

The membership numbers also include those who have committed their support to the club’s AFLW team, the squad coming together for the first time last night as it begins preparations for the competition’s seventh season.

A number of new faces have already been added to the squad through the sign and trade period and another seven exciting young prospects will join the program through the draft in two weeks’ time. The Eagles boast seven of the first eight selections from the WA draft pool.