Name: Alicia Janz

Instagram: Liss janz

Occupation: Program Coordinator for Wirrpanda Foundation

Position: Ruck

Football achievements: AFLW player 2017-present, 2018 WAWFL Grand Final with Swan Districts FC

What excites you most about being an inaugural Eagle? Having the opportunity to contribute to the club and be a part of its history

Which teammate are you most looking forward to playing with? Mikayla Bowen

The toughest AFLW opponent you’ve encountered? My own thoughts and doubts

Pre-game meal? Lasagne       

Game day superstitions? I don’t have any!

Wost injury? Ruptured PCL and I tore my MCL and LCL all at once

Hobby? Netball

Favourite holiday spot? Kimberley, Western Australia!

What’s your spirit animal? The Warlpiri totem: Kangaroo!

Favourite band? Spice Girls

Favourite TV series? Scandal

Something you can’t live without? My sister’s cat